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The Bluest Blues - Alvin Lee

The Bluest Blues
The Bluest Blues
im Stil von:
Alvin Lee
Nr. :

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I couldn´t wait to see you
Waiting by the door
There was no one there to meet me
And your clothes were on the floor

Sorry if I hurt you
And I made you cry
I couldn´t stand to see you
With another guy

It´s the bluest blues
And it cuts me like a knife
It´s the bluest blues
Since you walked out of my life

I couldn´t really tell you
How you hurt my pride
Something broke within me down inside

Never knew I loved you,
Till you went away
Now the loneliness surrounds me every day

It´s the bluest blues
Since you walked out of the door
It´s the bluest blues
´Cause I won´t see you no more

Sorry if I failed you
And somehow I´m to blame
The bluest blues I´m feeling
Is a crying shame

Just can´t live without you,
Face another day
´Cause the bluest blues I´m feeling
And it´s here to stay

It´s the bluest blues
And it cuts me to the bone
It´s the bluest blues
When you can´t find your way home
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