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After the registration, you are able to use basic functions of our service like searching titles or listening to the demos. To download files just simply charge your account with the minimal amount of 10 EURO - then you can now download midi and mp3 music tracks.

Your account could be charge with following methods:

1) regular bank transfer to our company account

2) via a pre-paid card
via a loyalty programme
6) charge via PayPal (appear soon)

Our sales platfrom offers a range of additional services, which could be launched during the use of your account.
If you want to improve the quality of your performances, check the dedicated file formats for selected keyboards:

Music Soft for Yamaha
Music Styles for Yamaha
Music Soft for Korg
Music Styles for Korg
Music Styles for Roland

Detailed information can be acquired by contacting with our customer service department.